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kensington row homes.png
Row homes on K Street west of Kensington Avenue. Includes a sign for H. Trochler, florist, and several school children posing for the picture.

Bromley Mills factory, a textile manufacturing business.

Employees at Cramps Shipyard in Kensington take a break to watch a boxing match between two workers.

Wreckage from the dressing room and office of the Cambria Athletic Club were piled in the street after a fire overtook the boxing club.

Cambria Boxing Club HSP.jpg
A boxing club on Kensington Ave. and East Somerset Street known as the Cambria Athletic Club also went by the nicknames "College of Hard Knocks" and the "Blood Pit." This photo shows the building exterior and advertisements for local boxers…

An accompanying news article from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin:
Thirty-eight men workers at the King Kard Overall Company at 807 Filbert St are on a sitdown strike in protest against employment of a girl for what they consider a man's job, a…

Photograph of workers and performers at the "Liberty Sing" at the William Cramp & Sons Machine Shop, also called Cramp's Shipyard. Photograph from the Philadelphia War Photograph Committee collection documenting World War I participation on the…

Hats receive final touches, including packaging, before leaving the Stetson Hat Factory.

Employees pose for a photo in Stetson Hat Factory.

This newsletter shows a photo of 32 homes at North Front Street and North Third streets in Kensington that the Octavia Hill Association has planned, erected, and housed for the Philadelphia Model Homes Company in the 1915 fiscal year. To continue to…
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