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Philadelphia Navy Yard Turret.JPG
The picture shows workers posing in front of the turret for the Battleship Kansas in the Philadelphia Navy yard.

Hog Island Shipyard.JPG
The picture shows the Hog Island Shipyard full of activity.

Employees at Cramps Shipyard in Kensington take a break to watch a boxing match between two workers.

Coworkers at Cramp Shipyard formed a band together.

Photograph of workers and performers at the "Liberty Sing" at the William Cramp & Sons Machine Shop, also called Cramp's Shipyard. Photograph from the Philadelphia War Photograph Committee collection documenting World War I participation on theā€¦

Elevated view of the propeller shop at the Cramp Shipbuilding complex on the Delaware River in Kensington, Philadelphia

Hog Island Shipyard (3).jpg
Shipyard launch from Hog Island in Kensington in 1918 for World War I
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