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Soldiers hats.jpg
Hats manufactured for American soldiers by John B. Stetson Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cheder students in Zhitomir, Ukraine

army hats-page-001.jpg
A photo of Stetson workers making cavalry hats from the U.S. army during World War I. Stetson received a government contract to produce a number of hats for the army.

Photograph of workers and performers at the "Liberty Sing" at the William Cramp & Sons Machine Shop, also called Cramp's Shipyard. Photograph from the Philadelphia War Photograph Committee collection documenting World War I participation on theā€¦

Elevated view of the propeller shop at the Cramp Shipbuilding complex on the Delaware River in Kensington, Philadelphia

liberty loan parade.jpg
Confetti thrown by happy crowds in Philadelphia as World War One ends.

German Army field marshal Paul von Hindenburg (left) shakes hands with Hetman of Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadsky.

Hog Island Shipyard (3).jpg
Shipyard launch from Hog Island in Kensington in 1918 for World War I

A Liberty Loan parade and rally to raise money for World War I down Broad Street on Sept. 28, 1918 helped spread flu from sailors to the general population of Philadelphia.

Stetson WWI copy.jpg
This is a Stetson hat advertisement promising that material shortages during World War I would not affect the quality of Stetson hats.
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