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Isatu Kallon with her sister and mother in Philadelphia wearing traditional clothing from Sierra Leone

Child Labor 1905.jpg
From Chestnut Street to Ellsworth Street. First to the sweatshop to be made and then back to Chestnut street to be sold.

Pressing Machine and Garment Industry (Still Philadelphia 1939).JPG
A picture of two pressers in a Philadelphia clothing factory that was featured in an article of the Philadelphia Record. The picture shows two Italian men pressing light-weight suits. The steam that is coming off of the Pressing Machine would heat up…

Hats receive final touches, including packaging, before leaving the Stetson Hat Factory.

Employees pose for a photo in Stetson Hat Factory.

This is a photo of Joseph Daroff, who started the clothing company Daroff and Sons

Petty cart market located on Marshalll street sold both food and clothing to residents of Philadelphia.
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