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Photograph of workers and performers at the "Liberty Sing" at the William Cramp & Sons Machine Shop, also called Cramp's Shipyard. Photograph from the Philadelphia War Photograph Committee collection documenting World War I participation on theā€¦

Elevated view of the propeller shop at the Cramp Shipbuilding complex on the Delaware River in Kensington, Philadelphia

Hats receive final touches, including packaging, before leaving the Stetson Hat Factory.

This is a photo of Joseph Daroff, who started the clothing company Daroff and Sons

Daroff & Sons factory workers assemble suit jackets .jpg
Daroff & Sons factor workers sit at individual sewing machines and assemble suit jackets. From 1946 to 1967 David Kaplan worked for Daroff & Sons, a Jewish-owned garment factory located at 1027 Arch Street.

A large group of General electric service shop employees. It seems that those in charge are standing in the back in suits and hats.
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