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Still ranked by The Ring Magazine as one of the five best fighters of all time in his division, South Philadelphia's Tommy Loughran amassed a record of 96 wins, 24 losses, and 9 draws during his seventeen-year professional career. Loughran was…

Employees at Cramps Shipyard in Kensington take a break to watch a boxing match between two workers.

Wreckage from the dressing room and office of the Cambria Athletic Club were piled in the street after a fire overtook the boxing club.

Cambria Boxing Club HSP.jpg
A boxing club on Kensington Ave. and East Somerset Street known as the Cambria Athletic Club also went by the nicknames "College of Hard Knocks" and the "Blood Pit." This photo shows the building exterior and advertisements for local boxers…

Cambria Interior HSP.JPG
Cambria Athletic Club operated from 1917 - 1963 and hosted popular weekly boxing matches. This is the boxing ring.

%22Colored%22 Boxing.jpg
Two sides of gangs decide to box in the streets, since there were no professional "colored" boxers.

This is an original newspaper photograph of the entrance to the Cambria Athletic Club in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. This is where some famous boxing matches happened in the early 20th century.
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