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Al Mudaris talks about his life, beginning with his early childhood in London, his struggles to learn Arabic in school after the family’s return to Iraq; his high school education at Baghdad College, the most prestigious school in Baghdad; the 1991…

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Moving back and forth between their shared and separate life experiences, Dr. Malka Al Saadi and her son Mutaz Al Mudaris talk about their lives in Iraq; his education and professional life; the horrors of the 2003 Gulf War and how it devastated…

Ana Maria Roldan has been living a life full of love, ambition, and hard work to get to where she is now in Philadelphia. From moving away from Puerto Rico when she was 13 years old to Boston, and then up and down the east coast of the United States,…

Beyond the Sand Storm.jpg
Book cover, Malka Al Saadi, Beyond the Sand Storm: A Woman’s Journey From Bagdad to Philadelphia. Author House, 2016

A view of the beach in Cancún, México, where Marco Jara worked in the tourism industry and eventually met his future husband.

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Immig class copy.jpg

Awaiting the counterattack outside the White House Moscow during the August 1991 coup attempt to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev. Barricades and shelters across the south entrance to the White House from which Yeltsin, President of Russia, defied the…

Stoning a car 1910  LC.jpg
Strikers stoning a trolley car during the General Strike of 1910

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"Mary Harris "Mother" Jones with children and adults beginning their "Children's Crusade" to walk from Philadelphia to Oyster Bay, New York, to publicize the conditions of children working in textile mills."
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