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This booklet outlines the progress the Octavia Hill Association has made in renovating homes and making them more affordable.

This is an invitation to a parlor meeting, where the leaders of the Octavia Hill Association would talk about the sanitary conditions of working-class immigrant neighborhoods in the city. These kinds of parties would often feature slideshow…

An annual stockholder meeting asks all stockholders, architects, and anyone interested in better living conditions in Philadelphia to attend. The event will have a business meeting as well as an informative moving picture show. A movie script such as…

The chair members of the Octavia Hill Association ask stockholders to buy more stock in the company to offset a loss of revenue in two rental properties on North Front Street and North Third Street.

This Octavia Hill Association flyer shows how the business can renovate and produce a profit on remodeling homes for working-class immigrant families. They aim to take dilapidated, unsanitary living conditions and use "intelligent planning" to make…

A receipt for purchasing stock in the OHA with fill-in-the-blank values

The OHA planned to purchase and renovate a section of Philadelphia around Orianna and 3rd Streets. The front of the page shows a map of the lot, and the back shows photos of the current condition of the property.

The Octavia Hill Association outlines its mission statement for their stockholders. They aim to convert over-crowded tenements to more livable and affordable homes.

This newsletter shows a photo of 32 homes at North Front Street and North Third streets in Kensington that the Octavia Hill Association has planned, erected, and housed for the Philadelphia Model Homes Company in the 1915 fiscal year. To continue to…

Depiction of homes along 18th and Lombard, known then as the Negro District. Categorizes types of home as tenement, dwelling, or 3-story.
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