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A new homeless shelter opened up in North Philadelphia in 1936 to accommodate the men in need who could not all fit at the shelter in 18th and Hamilton Streets.

Cambria Boxing Club HSP.jpg
A boxing club on Kensington Ave. and East Somerset Street known as the Cambria Athletic Club also went by the nicknames "College of Hard Knocks" and the "Blood Pit." This photo shows the building exterior and advertisements for local boxers…

Cambria Interior HSP.JPG
Cambria Athletic Club operated from 1917 - 1963 and hosted popular weekly boxing matches. This is the boxing ring.

Sketches/illustrations of St. Martin School in North Philadelphia

Aramingo Park on Aramingo Avenue in North Philadelphia

Aerial view of North Philadelphia centering on the Reading Railroad yard and the North Philadelphia Train Station. View looks eastward from 21st and Lehigh. Shibe Park (Connie Mack Stadium) and the Baker Bowl are visible.

22nd and Lehigh.png
A photo of the construction of the Murrell Dobbins Vocational School in 1936.

A View in the Kensington Mill District.jpg
The Photograph is from the Public Ledger Newspaper. It shows a view of the mill district in Northern Philadelphia. It is significant to notice all the smoke, which signifies all the goods the great workshops are producing.
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