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This South Philadelphia street scene depicts a laundry shop; men, women and children; barrels of refuse; cobblestone street, and trolley tracks.

Children's ward in a French hospital

A woman is examining two young children in the dining area of the home; a woman (the mother) is standing to the left; further to the left is a large stove situated next to a fireplace.

This image shows a group of young girls who work at a mill in Massachusetts. : On right end is Mary Deschene, admitted 11 years, helped sister spool all summer in Glenallen Mill. Next her is Lumina Demarais, admitted 12 years, and doffing all summer…

Settlement Music School.jpg
The Settlement Music School was a fun place for children to go to because for a nickel, children could take piano lessons.

Hector_McIntosh_Playground 1.jpg
This informational pamphlet describes the benefits of the Octavia Hill Association's project, the Hector McIntosh playground at Front and League Streets. Members of the Octavia Hill Association received this pamphlet so they could see how their money…

"Filthy Surface Sewage in Which Children Play" - this Octavia Hill Association photo shows the unsanitary conditions that working-class, immigrant families faced. Their crowded tenements often lacked basic utilities such as plumbing and had no clean,…

scarlet fever-1906.jpg
A group of Furman students were quarantined in their dormitories during a 1906 epidemic of scarlet fever.

The image shows the children near a pile of trash next to the curb located on the 800 block of American Street in Philadelphia. The children are the main focus and the exterior of the properties are in the background.

Image shows two children standing in a flooded yard due to faulty drainage at 8410 Harley Street in Philadelphia. There is a duck near the children. An exterior view of part of a house is in the background.
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