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This pamphlet released by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in 1923 outlines the best methods for integrating immigrants into the community.

This Octavia Hill Association flyer shows how the business can renovate and produce a profit on remodeling homes for working-class immigrant families. They aim to take dilapidated, unsanitary living conditions and use "intelligent planning" to make…

The Octavia Hill Association outlines its mission statement for their stockholders. They aim to convert over-crowded tenements to more livable and affordable homes.

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Octavia Hill Association members would host banquets and parties for their stockholders, and at these events, they would run a slideshow and have a prepared speech to accompany it. A presenter read this script.

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This informational pamphlet describes the benefits of the Octavia Hill Association's project, the Hector McIntosh playground at Front and League Streets. Members of the Octavia Hill Association received this pamphlet so they could see how their money…

Newspaper ad from the Octavia Hill Association showing that Philadelphians could Americanize the foreign-born through friendly rent collectors.

"Filthy Surface Sewage in Which Children Play" - this Octavia Hill Association photo shows the unsanitary conditions that working-class, immigrant families faced. Their crowded tenements often lacked basic utilities such as plumbing and had no clean,…

Overview of immigrant home projects throughout the course of several years, including one project that had a "demoralizing effect on O.H.A. [Octavia Hill Association]." This list chronicled the organization's efforts to improve housing conditions for…

Map of a Philadelphia neighborhood showing the different immigrant communities who lived there.

The OHA shows how they improved living conditions in Philadelphia, and they asked people to invest in their company stock
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