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The image shows the children near a pile of trash next to the curb located on the 800 block of American Street in Philadelphia. The children are the main focus and the exterior of the properties are in the background.

The black and white image contains a still photo of children swimming in a lagoon in Philadelphia.

Rat 2018 Trenton Avenue.jpg
Two boys stand on dilapidated cobblestone sidewalk. Oldest boy holds up dead rat. Dwellings in background. Dennis Clark recalls catching and playing with rats along the railroad as a child.

Kids in alley.jpg
Five children standing in an alley with a few dogs surrounded by trash while being pictured.

Hector_McIntosh_Playground 1.jpg
This booklet published by the Octavia Hill Association depicts images of Hector McIntosh Playground, at Front and League Streets in the Southwark neighborhood of South Philadelphia, a small playground owned by the Association, a housing reform…

The children pictured here on the roof garden were playing with toys. The girls were playing with blocks, while a boy used a rocking horse. The boys in the background posed with brooms.

A short newspaper article on the location and pieces of the Starr Garden Playground in Philadelphia.

Page contains photo and short narrative about the settlement's young female children --their hardships, their labor at home to help their mothers. Black and white photo depicts about ten girls standing in "ring around the rosey" formation on back…
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