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This street scene at Broad Street and Spring Garden shows the Baldwin Locomotive plant. In the early twentieth century, it produced steam locomotives out of this factory, but soon ran out of room and began to shift production to its Eddystone plant…

This South Philadelphia street scene depicts a laundry shop; men, women and children; barrels of refuse; cobblestone street, and trolley tracks.

This view of a prominent Kensington intersection shows the mix of housing and retail buildings, with two story rowhouses, more ornate three story homes, and a pool hall.

South Street-Looking East from 4th Street.jpg
Street scene depicting the commercial strip of South Street, a 4th Street, the heart of the Jewish quarter in Philadelphia during the early twentieth century. Trolley tracks cross the cobblestone intersection, with pushcarts and automobiles along the…

This photo shows the New Century Club, which is where the Women's Birth Control League staged their first meeting in Philadelphia.

Hokey Pokey Man..jpg
Depicts a street vendor, with a wagon drawn by a donkey and protected by a striped awning, dispensing his wares to two young boys. Includes horse drawn carts in the background. The awning of The James Bell Co. is also visible in the background.

Exterior of Public Baths Association building on the south side of Wood St., east of 8th St., undated.

This photo shows the Southwark House on Ellsworth and Front Street. Gruenberg and her husband were volunteer residents at Southwark House.

Rowhomes in kensington-richmond street.jpg
Row homes in Kensington. These were the types of homes many immigrants lived in when they moved to Philadelphia.

kensington and Lehigh Avenue.jpg
A view of Kensington and Lehigh Avenue. This photo shows both trolleys and horse drawn carriages.
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