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children at soup kitchen.jpg
Children waiting in line at a soup kitchen. Many would appear on corners weekly for people to receive a bit of soup.

The image shows the children near a pile of trash next to the curb located on the 800 block of American Street in Philadelphia. The children are the main focus and the exterior of the properties are in the background.

Image shows two children standing in a flooded yard due to faulty drainage at 8410 Harley Street in Philadelphia. There is a duck near the children. An exterior view of part of a house is in the background.

Children's shoes.jpg
The black and white image shows a still image of children's shoes in the 1920s.

Rat 2018 Trenton Avenue.jpg
Two boys stand on dilapidated cobblestone sidewalk. Oldest boy holds up dead rat. Dwellings in background. Dennis Clark recalls catching and playing with rats along the railroad as a child.
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