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Title page for new legislation. Bill No. 863 regarded water for small dwellings, and Bill No. 864 regarded sanitary inspections.

"Filthy Surface Sewage in Which Children Play" - this Octavia Hill Association photo shows the unsanitary conditions that working-class, immigrant families faced. Their crowded tenements often lacked basic utilities such as plumbing and had no clean,…

The OHA shows how they improved living conditions in Philadelphia, and they asked people to invest in their company stock

A map/blueprint of the different locations where various immigrants and people of different nationalities were living. It outlines the housing arrangements, street locations, markets, stores, and factories. Each building indicated if it was a…

A rundown, wood built home in Philadelphia in July. Two stories, a streetlamp leans beside it along a dusty road.

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Section of brick row homes, three stories tall with windows and shutters.

Still Image of Outhouse.png
Image of a front view of a broken down outhouse with surrounding debris in the early 20th century with the address of 3512 North Lawrence Street.

Image shows two children standing in a flooded yard due to faulty drainage at 8410 Harley Street in Philadelphia. There is a duck near the children. An exterior view of part of a house is in the background.
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