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pier 11.jpg
A black and white image of Pier 11 North underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. When it opened in 1926 the Delaware River Bridge--renamed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in 1956--was the world’s longest suspension bridge.

Settlement Music School.jpg
The Settlement Music School was a fun place for children to go to because for a nickel, children could take piano lessons.

Sliverman's Department Store Picture.jpg
Newpaper clipping. Ad for Silverman's Department store at northwest corner of 6th and South. Drawing of a corner building with a "Silverman" flag on top of the building. "Here you get Individual Attention. Merchandise of the better kind, gathered…

liberty loan parade.jpg
Confetti thrown by happy crowds in Philadelphia as World War One ends.

Broad Street South from City Hall-1927.jpg
This photograph was taken of South Broad Street with a view of the Former Girard Bank Trust Company which is now the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

A statue of the Victor Dog and an original Victor Victrola on display in The Victor Cafe at 1303 Dickinson Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Influenza deaths 1890-1930

A Liberty Loan parade and rally to raise money for World War I down Broad Street on Sept. 28, 1918 helped spread flu from sailors to the general population of Philadelphia.

Photo of Armand Di Stefano which hangs in his family's restaurant, the Victor Cafe.

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