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Philly Puerto Rican Parade

A photo of the 42-ton Liberty Bell replica at the entrance to the Sesquicentennial Exposition. The American Legion parade flag bearers march underneath.

Image the Liberty Loan Parade on Broad Street, Philadelphia in 1918.

liberty loan parade.jpg
Confetti thrown by happy crowds in Philadelphia as World War One ends.

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J. G Brill Company car during the Founder's Week Parade on Broad Street looking North from Spruce Street - Academy of Music.

A Liberty Loan parade and rally to raise money for World War I down Broad Street on Sept. 28, 1918 helped spread flu from sailors to the general population of Philadelphia.

J.G. Brill Company Car at the Founders Week Parade at S. Broad St. and Spruce St.

Several men in suits stand alongside police officers as spectators at a police parade "...reviewing the turnout..."
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