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Philadelphia Aerial View.JPG
The picture is an aerial view of Philadelphia taken in 1924. The picture spans from Catherine and 7th Streets Northeast to the Ben Franklin Bridge.

ben frank bridge.jpg
View from Delaware Avenue and Arch Street looking north towards the Delaware River Bridge (now the Benjamin Franklin Bridge) seen under construction.

BF bridge crossing.jpg
People crossing the Benjamin Franklin Bridge during construction in 1924.

pier 11.jpg
A black and white image of Pier 11 North underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. When it opened in 1926 the Delaware River Bridge--renamed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in 1956--was the world’s longest suspension bridge.

benjamin franklin bridge.jpg
Black and white still photo of a section of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.

Delaware Avenue-North to Delaware River Bridge..png
A 1923 photo of the Delaware River Bridge under construction (now the Benjamin Franklin Bridge).
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