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Photograph of young man wearing suit and tie, line and circle design and woman with short curly hair and head band. "A sentimental waltz ballad with ukulele accompaniment". Publisher's no. 5488-3. Advertisements on covers for "Southern rose", "Doo…

Rosen Company.jpeg
Various properties on Market Street from 216 to 222 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania including Rosen Company, Magazine Mart and Second Street Stationers Discount.

Newspaper article by Jack McKinney on the death of Armand DiStefano

1920 census data showing John DiStefano, and his family, including his son, Armand, listed here as "Armando."

A statue of the Victor Dog and an original Victor Victrola on display in The Victor Cafe at 1303 Dickinson Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photo of Armand Di Stefano which hangs in his family's restaurant, the Victor Cafe.
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