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Philadelphia Bulletin Building, 1315-1325 Filbert Street, Philadelphia.

This photo shows the New Century Club, which is where the Women's Birth Control League staged their first meeting in Philadelphia.

Exterior of Public Baths Association building on the south side of Wood St., east of 8th St., undated.

kensington and Lehigh Avenue.jpg
A view of Kensington and Lehigh Avenue. This photo shows both trolleys and horse drawn carriages.

This photo depicts the Philadelphia Ethical Society. Gruenberg and her husband were very involved with the Ethical Society. Gruenberg help a chairman position as the chairman of archives.

This photo depicts the Merchant Exchange Building in Philadelphia. This building was a private library that Gruenberg's friends in Philadelphia used to attend. They believed that anyone who was anyone belonged to a private library.

John Calpin Office.png
Photo of the recently completed City Hall Annex which is the office of John C. Calpin during his time at The Philadelphia Bulletin.

A rundown, wood built home in Philadelphia in July. Two stories, a streetlamp leans beside it along a dusty road.

download (1).jpg
The old home of The Library Company of Philadelphia. Power lines are stretched over the building, passerby seen on the street. Barren trees would indicate colder season.
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