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This photo was taken looking up St. Mary Street. The caption reads, "The large tenement on the left is the one in charge of a Settlement Resident. The building beyond, with belfry, is the Stuart Memorial (College Settlement) Hall. Beyond the Hall,…

This photo depicts what a production put on at the College Settlement would have looked like in the early 1900s. This specific production was put on by the Italian Women's Club, Settlement Music School in 1932. Women are folk dancing in native…

Children in "Babies' Rest Yard," with swinging cribs and baby carriages at the College Settlement in South Philadelphia.

Detail from St. Martha's House Brochure . Caption:"Little Home-Makers". Girls, wearing maids caps and aprons, sweeping roof of St. Martha's House.

"Penny Lunch Children." From Starr Garden brochure. Group of Children and two adult women in front of a wall.

Page contains photo and short narrative about the settlement's young female children --their hardships, their labor at home to help their mothers. Black and white photo depicts about ten girls standing in "ring around the rosey" formation on back…

college_settlement_02_Almost any day.jpg
A group of mostly male children spilling out of the Settlement's front door, down the stoop and into the cobblestone street. Caption: "To be a supporter of the College Settlement means that you have a vision of brotherhood wherein no man lives unto…
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