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A 1915 tally of different immigrant groups living in different wards of Philadelphia: Italians, Austrians, Hungarians, and Russians.

Map of a Philadelphia neighborhood showing the different immigrant communities who lived there.

The OHA shows how they improved living conditions in Philadelphia, and they asked people to invest in their company stock

A map/blueprint of the different locations where various immigrants and people of different nationalities were living. It outlines the housing arrangements, street locations, markets, stores, and factories. Each building indicated if it was a…

This photo was taken looking up St. Mary Street. The caption reads, "The large tenement on the left is the one in charge of a Settlement Resident. The building beyond, with belfry, is the Stuart Memorial (College Settlement) Hall. Beyond the Hall,…

Water Street 1927-35 .jpg
Abandoned Houses on Water Street

The view in an Immigrant townhouse in Germantown Philadelphia.

Row Houses.jpg
A picture of a man and women in a row of row homes in Philadelphia. These row homes were located on the side of train tracks.

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