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A contract that employees of Willow Silk Mills, a silk company, had to sign and obey.

A Philadelphia Record caption reads: "The Sunday Breakfast Association opened its new headquarters yesterday [January 1, 1943] at 6th and Vine sts., with [church] services and breakfast for nearly a thousand men."

An incomplete caption from the Philadelphia Record reads: "While homeless men shiver and try to sleep on park benches and along sidewalks, 2326 beds in the Shelter at 18th and" (rest of caption cut off). This shelter at 18th and Hamilton helped…

A newspaper caption for the photo reads: "The new refuge for destitute men at Cambria and Ormes sts. is shown above as it was occupied by residents from the old shelter, 18th and Hmailton sts... Two of the 900 inmates are scrubbing the new quarters…

These double-decker canvas beds host homeless men and "the wanderers, the hoboes, the bums, the beggars, the lost and the strayed." Men sleep at the Shelter for Homeless Men on 220 N. 12th Street, and the Sunday Breakfast Mission gives free meals to…

A new homeless shelter opened up in North Philadelphia in 1936 to accommodate the men in need who could not all fit at the shelter in 18th and Hamilton Streets.
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