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Philadelphia Bulletin Building, 1315-1325 Filbert Street, Philadelphia.

Newspaper article by Jack McKinney on the life and death of musicologist Armand DiStefano who died on June 6, 1987.

577 deaths.JPG
557 new deaths, death toll at the highest in a twenty-four hour period

Fulton Caddie New Platt Scholar.jpg
A newspaper article talking about Joe Piatelli recieving the J Wood Caddie Scholarship with a picture included of Piatelli with Fulton and Schmidt.

Fulton and Gen. Wallace M. Greene.jpg
A newspaper clipping of Gen. Wallace M. Green receiving the Union League's Silver Medal from Samuel Fulton.

Fulton Union League Speakers.jpg
A newspaper clipping depicting Union League speakers greeting each other at a Republic Campaign Luncheon.

Fulton Scraton Extolls Goldwater.jpg
Newspaper clipping talking about the endorsement of William Scranton by the Union League of Philadelpha

Fulton Silver Service.jpg
Newspaper clipping depicting Samuel Fulton interacting with a woman at the 17th annual dinner at the Union League House.

Fulton Winner.jpg
A newspaper clipping of Samuel Fulton presenting the Union League's Citizenship award to two Eagle Scouts.

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