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thumbnail_Samuel E. Fulton.jpg
A clear, black and white image of Samuel Fulton sitting in a chair posing for his official Union League portrait.

1965.4.1 - 3.JPG
A painting of Samuel Fulton hanging on the wall of the Union League at Philadelphia.

Fulton%2c Bill Scranton%2c Thomas B. McCabe.jpg
Samuel Fulton, Bill Scranton, and Thomas B. McCabe shake hands while wearing formal wear.

Fulton%2c Samuel E. - 3.jpg
A black and white photograph of Samuel Fulton around middle age wearing formal clothes.

Fulton%2c Samuel E. - 2.jpg
A black and white photograph of Samuel Fulton in his later years wearing a suit and tie.

Fulton%2c Samuel E. - 1.jpg
A black and white photograph of Samuel Fulton wearing casual clothing. He is older in the photograph.

Fulton and Gen. Wallace M. Greene.jpg
A newspaper clipping of Gen. Wallace M. Green receiving the Union League's Silver Medal from Samuel Fulton.

Fulton Union League Speakers.jpg
A newspaper clipping depicting Union League speakers greeting each other at a Republic Campaign Luncheon.

Fulton Silver Service.jpg
Newspaper clipping depicting Samuel Fulton interacting with a woman at the 17th annual dinner at the Union League House.

Fulton Winner.jpg
A newspaper clipping of Samuel Fulton presenting the Union League's Citizenship award to two Eagle Scouts.
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