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Dennis Clark- The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sat__Sep_18__1993_.jpg
Dennis Clark obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Toys The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Mon__Nov_7__1921_ (2).jpg
Newspaper advertisement of toys sold at Strawbridge and Clothier

Fulton Scraton Extolls Goldwater.jpg
Newspaper clipping talking about the endorsement of William Scranton by the Union League of Philadelpha

This newspaper article explains the topic of discussion during the luncheon of the Member's Council of the Chamber of Commerce at the Bellevue-Stratford luncheon. In it, several members lay out the benefits of the Americanization movement.

Senator Chandler Immigration Proposal.pdf
A February 1890 Philadelphia Inquirer article writes about a an immigration restriction proposal by Senator Chandler. The immigration restrictions proposed we very strict.

This newspaper article discusses Gruenberg's induction into the Equal Suffrage League as secretary.
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