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Police with Picketers Patterson HPS.JPG
Philadelphia Record caption: "Sex evidently did not matter in this free-for-all battle between Paterson, N.J. silk strikers and the police. This woman bore several black and blue souvenirs after the conflict. Nineteen pickets were arrested for…

Philadelphia Motorcycle Police.JPG
The picture shows a group of motorcycle police watching a strike at Feihofer.

Police near Distiller.jpg
A photograph of several officers standing near an alcohol distiller.

Police districts.jpg
The black and white image shows a still image of a map of the Philadelphia Police Department's districts, created by Carl I. Martin in 1928.

The black and white image is a still image of a police patrol wagon in the year 1920.

Bluecoats, armed with sawed-off shotguns, undergoing inspection by Lieutenant Harry Edwards, police drillmaster, and Lieutenant George Fritz, police director of traffic.

Several men in suits stand alongside police officers as spectators at a police parade "...reviewing the turnout..."
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