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Lewis Hine - Worker in the Cherokee Hosiery Mill, Rome, Georgia, 1913.jpg
A woman working in hosiery mill in Rome, Georgia.

Concordia Mill Strike HSP.JPG
Textile workers struck at the Concordia Mill at Allegheny and Boudlnot Sts in September 1934.

Police with Picketers Patterson HPS.JPG
Philadelphia Record caption: "Sex evidently did not matter in this free-for-all battle between Paterson, N.J. silk strikers and the police. This woman bore several black and blue souvenirs after the conflict. Nineteen pickets were arrested for…

An accompanying description for the newspaper photo reads: "You'll See Plenty of These! Miss Virginia Matthews, pretty secretary at headquarters of the textile workers, 2012 Stella st., displays one of the 'banners' which will be worn by strikers."

Bromley Mills Strike HSP.JPG
A caption under the photo reads: "Striking at the Bromley mill here seems more like a picnic. Smiling textile workers are shown surrounding the plant head, John Bromley, with pipe in hand.

A contract that employees of Willow Silk Mills, a silk company, had to sign and obey.

Garment Worker New Jersey.jpg
The source shows a garment worker in a New Jersey clothing factory.
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