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N. Snellenberg Worker.JPG
The picture shows a woman cutting materials for raincoats, which will eventually be sent to the N. Snellenberg & Company Department Store.

H. Daroff and Sons Workers.jpg
The picture shows four garment workers at the H. Daroff and Sons factory on 11th and Arch Street. The men shown are cutters of men's suits.

This page of the 1919 Third Industrial Directory of Pennsylvania lists men's clothing manufactures and their locations within Pennsylvania. The location of the Spector Brothers clothing manufacturer is shown.

Pressing Machine and Garment Industry (Still Philadelphia 1939).JPG
A picture of two pressers in a Philadelphia clothing factory that was featured in an article of the Philadelphia Record. The picture shows two Italian men pressing light-weight suits. The steam that is coming off of the Pressing Machine would heat up…

Fox Weiss Furriers Clothing Factory 1940 (Still Philadelphia).JPG
The picture shows the cramped and hazardous conditions of the Fox-Weiss Furriers. These conditions were common among the clothing factories of the Philadelphia Textile Industry.

Clothing Worker Hightstown.jpg
The picture shows a Garment worker in a factory that produced women's coats.
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