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This street scene at Broad Street and Spring Garden shows the Baldwin Locomotive plant. In the early twentieth century, it produced steam locomotives out of this factory, but soon ran out of room and began to shift production to its Eddystone plant…

girls cafeteeria.jpg
Girls' cafeteria at the Stetson Hat Company factory where girls took their lunch break.

lunch hour rules.jpg
This is a document that detail the rules of the Stetson lunch hour, including times and rules.

rest room.jpg
Rest room in the John B. Stetson Company factory, where employees could take their breaks.

Exterior of Daroff Sons Inc building.jpg
Exterior of eight-story Daroff & Sons, Inc. Building is to be turned into luxury apartment homes.

Pressing Machine and Garment Industry (Still Philadelphia 1939).JPG
A picture of two pressers in a Philadelphia clothing factory that was featured in an article of the Philadelphia Record. The picture shows two Italian men pressing light-weight suits. The steam that is coming off of the Pressing Machine would heat up…

Building 15.jpg
Building #15 of Stetson Hat Manufacturing complex, indicated by sign on tower of building. Sign "Frank Larkin Construction Company."

A Stetson factory building being demolished

The remnants of the closed Stetson Hat factory site in recent years

An illustration of the Stetson factory buildings
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