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Eisenlohr Cigars.jpg
A view down the street with street cars and trolley tracks, horse-drawn wagons and carriages, Police on horseback,

Somerset Street bridge 1888.jpg
Somerset Street over Richmond Branch of Philadelphia and Reading Railroad

1313 South Broad.jpg
Town houses in South Philadelphia along Broad Street.

McKean Street.jpg
Looking West on McKean Street from Front Street

Porter Avenue.jpg
Portner Avenue East of Broad Street United States Navy Yard Philadelphia

10th and Chestnut.jpg
Center City Philadelphia street scene, depicting Chestnut Street West from 10th Street, with passers-by wearing suits and bowler hats, store front signs for Wymann Pianos and others.

5th and wharton.jpeg
Row houses near the John Hay School at 6th and Wharton, a block from where Sam Spritz first lived with his aunt after his arrival in Philadelphia in 1913. The photograph depicts the two story row houses, front stoops, and cobblestone streets of this…

This South Philadelphia street scene depicts a laundry shop; men, women and children; barrels of refuse; cobblestone street, and trolley tracks.

This view of a prominent Kensington intersection shows the mix of housing and retail buildings, with two story rowhouses, more ornate three story homes, and a pool hall.

A traditional trinity row home in Bell Court, Philadelphia
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