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Smuggling Liquor 2.jpg
A man with two "holsters" to smuggle bootlegged liquor. In order to avoid the police, individuals like this man developed ingenious methods of carrying alcohol.

21 Club speakeasy.jpg
Perspective NE Corner of Locust and Juniper Sts.

1928 grand jury.jpg
Although summoned to investigate a pair of murders, the Special August Grand Jury in 1928 carried out a judge’s instructions to probe the illicit liquor trade in Philadelphia during prohibition.

moonshine still.jpg
An Internal Revenue Service agent scrutinizes the contents of a moonshine still during the Prohibition era.

Smuggling Liquor 2.jpg
A man has two "holsters" around his chest to help him smuggle bootlegged alcohol.

Seized Liquor Auctioned off.jpg
A customs officer auctions off over 2,000 cases worth of confiscated liquor from the Prohibition Era.
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