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Strike Leadesr Plan Pickets HSP.JPG
Leaders of the strike in Philadelphia meet to perfect plans for continued picketing. They are (left to right) Louis Heines, American Federation of Labor organizer; William Smith, American Federation of Hosiery Workers; Laurence Laborle, United…

John L Lewis.jpg
The picture shows famous labor activist John L. Lewis. Lewis would lead the UMW and would be the driving force behind the creation of the CIO. He was a powerful figure who was one of the most successful labor activists in American history.

bedaux Speed up.jpg
An article that explaining American labor's opposition to Bedaux speed-up system. The American Federation of Labor removed opposition to the Duke of Windsor's U.S. tour after Charles E. Bedaux severed ties with the Duke.

A union label with the insignia of the American Federation of Labor on it.
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