Quarantine Girard College


Quarantine Girard College


Newspaper article about a quarantine for scarlet fever at Girard College


Philadelphia Evening Bulletin


Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries


December 3, 1921


Kate MacDonald


Courtesy of Temple University Libraries


25 Mild Cases of Scarlet Fever Discovered Among Students
Girard College has been quarantined because of the discovery of twenty-five mild cases of scarlet fever among the students.
None of the students in any class are allowed outside the college wall, nor are relatives of friends permitted to visit them. All week-end leaves of absences have been cancelled, and forty older boys, working in stores and markets on Saturdays were unable to help their Christmas funds today.
The first case was discovered Monday, and according to Dr. Chessman A. Herrick, president of the institution, the quarantine is a precautionary rather than a necessary measure.
"Some of the cases are diagnosed as possible scarlet fever," he said, "and if the illness was outside of an institution, undoubtedly would occasion no notice. There is no cause for alarm."
Most of the ill students are younger boys, in the junior school, which has 320 students in all classes. This building and its dormitories has been quarantined within the general quarantine. The other students are allowed in all buildings and about the friends of the college, but cannot go into the juniors' quarters. Dr. Herrick said the quarantine was established in the advice of the Department of Public Health.
Monet has been sent for one boy to attend the funeral of his sister in Pottsville on Monday. Dr. Herrick is taking the case up with the Health Department and the boy probably will be allowed out.

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