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"Penny Lunch Children." From Starr Garden brochure. Group of Children and two adult women in front of a wall.

3307 South Twenty Second St..jpg
A small wooden house sits at 3307 South Twenty Second St. in south Philadelphia.

Central High School.jpeg
Central High School, Broad Street and Green Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Germantown High School.png
A street view of Germantown High School. This is where John Calpin went to high school.

Germantown High School Use.jpg
A photo of Germantown High School in 1915, a year after it opened.

South Street-Looking East from 4th Street.jpg
Street scene depicting the commercial strip of South Street, a 4th Street, the heart of the Jewish quarter in Philadelphia during the early twentieth century. Trolley tracks cross the cobblestone intersection, with pushcarts and automobiles along theā€¦

Four Teenage Boys Keith Collection Library Company.png
Four teenage boys posing in front of brick row house
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