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"Penny Lunch Children." From Starr Garden brochure. Group of Children and two adult women in front of a wall.

Central High School.jpeg
Central High School, Broad Street and Green Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Four Teenage Boys Keith Collection Library Company.png
Four teenage boys posing in front of brick row house

Germantown High School Use.jpg
A photo of Germantown High School in 1915, a year after it opened.

Germantown High School.png
A street view of Germantown High School. This is where John Calpin went to high school.

3307 South Twenty Second St..jpg
A small wooden house sits at 3307 South Twenty Second St. in south Philadelphia.

South Street-Looking East from 4th Street.jpg
Street scene depicting the commercial strip of South Street, a 4th Street, the heart of the Jewish quarter in Philadelphia during the early twentieth century. Trolley tracks cross the cobblestone intersection, with pushcarts and automobiles along theā€¦
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