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A sewage- and garbage-lined street betrays the "bad habits" of the people who live there. This photo showcases the unsanitary conditions that working-class immigrant communities lived in.

The image shows the children near a pile of trash next to the curb located on the 800 block of American Street in Philadelphia. The children are the main focus and the exterior of the properties are in the background.

"Filthy Surface Sewage in Which Children Play" - this Octavia Hill Association photo shows the unsanitary conditions that working-class, immigrant families faced. Their crowded tenements often lacked basic utilities such as plumbing and had no clean,…

Newspaper ad asking for people to buy company stock in Octavia Hill Association reads "Help US Acquire Ownership or Management of Property Like This and rid the city of a menace by replacing it with a sanitary home that will yield a profit at a small…

Title page for new legislation. Bill No. 863 regarded water for small dwellings, and Bill No. 864 regarded sanitary inspections.

The Octavia Hill Association outlines its mission statement for their stockholders. They aim to convert over-crowded tenements to more livable and affordable homes.

This Octavia Hill Association flyer shows how the business can renovate and produce a profit on remodeling homes for working-class immigrant families. They aim to take dilapidated, unsanitary living conditions and use "intelligent planning" to make…
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