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A woman is examining two young children in the dining area of the home; a woman (the mother) is standing to the left; further to the left is a large stove situated next to a fireplace.

Sketch of a mother purchasing wares on Marshall Street. Along side her is her baby carriage with, presumably, her baby inside.

cooking mother.jpg
The Herbster family gets well-balanced meals. Mrs. Herbster plans to give the children milk; leafy, green or yellow vegetables; raw fruits or vegetables rich in Vitamin C; cereals and bread, lean meat, poultry, fish and other vital foods which build…

Photograph shows a woman spoon feeding medicine to a young girl; various medicines on display on shelves next to woman and child

Influenza daught with mother.jpg
A girl stands next to her sister lying in bed sick from influenza

Amosu's uncle, his family, and her mother during her uncle's wedding day in 2014 Lagos, Nigeria dressed in Yoruban wedding garb. The individuals, from left to right, include the uncle's stepmother, a relative of Amosu, her uncle, and mother.

Enitan celebrating her first birthday in Lagos, Nigeria with her mother.

Isatu Kallon with her sister and mother in Philadelphia wearing traditional clothing from Sierra Leone
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