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A streetcar of the Philadelphia Transit Company has a sign that reads: "You Did It - Mr. Citizen! You, the City Government and the P.R.T. Employes Made Sidewalks Cleaner. Keep at It, Co-Operate, Don't Spit"

Streetcar with "SPIT SPREADS DEATH" sign. The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company worked closely with the Department of Public Health to try to cut back on the spread of influenza. Note that the windows on the streetcar are open for more ventilation.

Man wears face mask during 1918 Influenza epidemic. Caption: 'flu victim' is escorted into hospital in October, 1918. Influenza is still one of the most highly contagious diseases known to medicine."

Photograph of poster relating to the epidemic of influenza in Chicago occurring during the fall of 1918.
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