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A group of mixed age students pose for a photograph. They are wearing costumes and appear to be taking part in some type of play or skit. The students mostly appear to be girls. Some of the students hold props.

Newspaper article about the scarlet fever epidemic affecting children, nurses and attendants at the House of Detention

"Filthy Surface Sewage in Which Children Play" - this Octavia Hill Association photo shows the unsanitary conditions that working-class, immigrant families faced. Their crowded tenements often lacked basic utilities such as plumbing and had no clean,…

Hatters_Remove_Trade_Hazard (1).pdf
Hatters outlawed all mercurial compounds used in preparing furs and developed non-mercurial compounds to make felt.

Newspaper article about a quarantine for scarlet fever at Girard College

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Newspaper article from the Public Ledger about the rising cases of scarlet fever in Philadelphia

A Monthly Bulletin of the Health Department October-November 1918 features photos of public signage warning against spitting as a way to stop the spread of communicable diseases.
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