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Entrance to Central High School in Philadelphia, where Annie Fu attended high school.

Northeast High School 4-2019.jpg
Northeast High School, 2019 on a clear day.

Temple Unviersity Students. JPG.JPG
Students studying and working on computers in a Temple University computer lounge.

Germantown High School.png
A street view of Germantown High School. This is where John Calpin went to high school.

Central High School.jpeg
Central High School, Broad Street and Green Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doris Barish (left) is acting as an interpreter showing Magdalina Gil how to handle an English telephone.

The children in this photo appear to be studying a lesson on immigration. In this photo, a boy stands in front of a chalkboard with “America—The Melting Pot” written on it. To the left is a chalk illustration of a group of immigrants, and written…

A man and woman posed on this printed poster, demonstrating their activity in a certain sport in front of an audience

Julia Ward Howe School building in Philadelphia on the National Registry of Historic Places since November 18, 1988. At 5800 N. 13th St. in the neighborhood of Fern Rock in North Philly.
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