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kensington high school .jpg
This photo shows the intersection of East Cumberland and Amber Street in Philadelphia where Kensington High School stands.

The front of Philadelphia High School for Girls

Doris Barish (left) is acting as an interpreter showing Magdalina Gil how to handle an English telephone.

A man and woman posed on this printed poster, demonstrating their activity in a certain sport in front of an audience

Detail from St. Martha's House Brochure . Caption:"Little Home-Makers". Girls, wearing maids caps and aprons, sweeping roof of St. Martha's House.

The children in this photo appear to be studying a lesson on immigration. In this photo, a boy stands in front of a chalkboard with “America—The Melting Pot” written on it. To the left is a chalk illustration of a group of immigrants, and written…

St. Agnes Church Group.jpg
A group of men pose for a photo in front of a Slovakian-Catholic church. This church was called St. Agnes. This was one of the many Catholic churches for immigrants at this time.

A group kindergarten students (all girls) gather on steps in front of a St. Martha's House building in 1926. The children are making a variety of facial expressions and looking in several different directions.
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