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Amalgamated March.jpg
Pennsylvania ACWA women on strike for locals 136, 140 and several other locals all coming together for a common cause under the ACWU Joint Board of Pennsylvania.

This newspaper article details a new agreement between the hatter union and the Stetson company for an increased pension for workers over 65.

The annual gathering of all the Stetson employees in the great auditorium, for the Christmas celebration. John B. Stetson addresses the employees, incentives are distributed to everyone.

Philadelphia 1910 Strike Revised.jpg
Strikers participating in the Rapid Transit Company's 1910 General Strike heading to a meeting.

child labor.jpg
A picture of a young girl working in a yarn making factory.

The John B. Stetson Hat Company was known for the company's engagement and programs for its workers. This pamphlet outlines some of those programs.

The strikers of the Stetson Factory refused to return to work and refused any help from the Union.
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