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Silk bands and bindings were made in the Weaving Department of the John B. Stetson Company in Philadelphia. The department created seven million yards of bands, bindings, and braids annually.

Article about textile industry strikes in the Philadelphia region

A contract that employees of Willow Silk Mills, a silk company, had to sign and obey.

A View in the Kensington Mill District.jpg
The Photograph is from the Public Ledger Newspaper. It shows a view of the mill district in Northern Philadelphia. It is significant to notice all the smoke, which signifies all the goods the great workshops are producing.

Fox Weiss Furriers Clothing Factory 1940 (Still Philadelphia).JPG
The picture shows the cramped and hazardous conditions of the Fox-Weiss Furriers. These conditions were common among the clothing factories of the Philadelphia Textile Industry.

H. Daroff and Sons Workers.jpg
The picture shows four garment workers at the H. Daroff and Sons factory on 11th and Arch Street. The men shown are cutters of men's suits.
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