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Exterior view of St. Martha's House, a settlement house founded on South Eighth Street in 1901 to provide social services to the neighborhood and to prepare young women for Church parish work. St. Martha's House was supervised by Deaconess Jean…

A picture of a neighborhood alley with children playing and a dog. Clotheslines are hanging across the alley. The mixed races typify this section of South Philadelphia where African Americans and Jewish immigrants lived side by side.

A horse and carriage are pictured in the distance of filthy street in the city.

Slovak_children_st_agnes (3).jpg
Reverend Father York with children of Bethlehem steel mill workers outside Slovak-American church St. Agnes which was founded in 1907.

This notice from the Octavia Hill Association promoted Bills 863 and 864, housing reform legislation that would provide running water in smaller houses and require sanitary inspections. The photo displays a picture of a small alley in Philadelphia,…

pushcart market on marshall street.jpg
Photograph shows Pushcart Market on Marshall Street. Here, Jewish merchants would set up pushcarts and opened storefronts all along Marshall Street. Some of the commodities available included fish, poultry, fresh produce, baked goods, clothing,…

Philly Immigration Station.jpg
Black and white image depicting the Philadelphia Immigration Station

The edges of certain Stetson hats get curled at the Flanging Department of the John B. Stetson Company in Philadelphia. The edges of the hats are dampened then curled with a heated iron. It is placed on a hollow wooden form under a hugh [sic] bag of…

Richmond Street.jpg
227 and 229 Richmond Street, property owned by Esther Davalos's mother. The homes were demolished during the construction of Interstate 95.

Suburban station.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Building and Insurance Company of North America Building at 1600 Arch Street, Philadelphia
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