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A picture of a neighborhood alley with children playing and a dog. Clotheslines are hanging across the alley. The mixed races typify this section of South Philadelphia where African Americans and Jewish immigrants lived side by side.

thumbnail_Equal Franchise Socoety of Phila.jpg
Constitution and by-laws for the Equal Franchise Society of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From 1917 to 1920, Bertha Gruenberg served as the Executive Secretary of the Equal Franchise Society of Philadelphia, an organization committed to passing an…

Richmond Street.jpg
227 and 229 Richmond Street, property owned by Esther Davalos's mother. The homes were demolished during the construction of Interstate 95.

A woman and children in the shade of the trees at Fairmount Park

Photo of Armand Di Stefano which hangs in his family's restaurant, the Victor Cafe.

A horse and carriage are pictured in the distance of filthy street in the city.

Building A Warship.jpg
A photograph of a warship being built on a Philadelphia dock. Several other boats are around it, several buildings are behind it. The photograph is slightly worn.

Entrance to Central High School in Philadelphia, where Annie Fu attended high school.

Enitian Aigbomian is posing for a photo after completing an Oral History Interview at the Free Library of Philadelphia.
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