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Water Street 1927-1935.jpg
Bricked street and sidewalk. Row of brick houses with adults and children standing on sidewalk and sitting on stoop. A child runs in front of a section of abandoned houses with missing windows near a lamppost. A short iron gate crosses the front of a…

Quaker City Dye Works.jpg
A view of the west side of the Quaker City Dye works in Kensington, Philadelphia, PA which was once one of the largest dye works facilities in the city.

Rowhomes in kensington-richmond street.jpg
Row homes in Kensington. These were the types of homes many immigrants lived in when they moved to Philadelphia.

children at soup kitchen.jpg
Children waiting in line at a soup kitchen. Many would appear on corners weekly for people to receive a bit of soup.

kensington high school .jpg
This photo shows the intersection of East Cumberland and Amber Street in Philadelphia where Kensington High School stands.
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