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Porter Avenue.jpg
Portner Avenue East of Broad Street United States Navy Yard Philadelphia

This street scene at Broad Street and Spring Garden shows the Baldwin Locomotive plant. In the early twentieth century, it produced steam locomotives out of this factory, but soon ran out of room and began to shift production to its Eddystone plant…

Image the Liberty Loan Parade on Broad Street, Philadelphia in 1918.

The New Olympia Theater located at 711-719 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Also known as: New Olympia Theatre; Palais Royal Theatre

The New Olympia Theater-.jpg
A movie theater later turned fighting ring

Broad and York.png
A street view of some of the buildings at the intersection of Broad and York St. in 1925.

A photo of the 42-ton Liberty Bell replica at the entrance to the Sesquicentennial Exposition. The American Legion parade flag bearers march underneath.

Temple University 1925.png
A perspective of a Temple University building at the corner of Broad Street and Montgomery Avenue.

broad street north from cherry.jpg
A photo taken of Broad Street, north from Cherry Sheet.

This photo shows the construction of a pipe line next to City Hall.
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