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This is a document, which is a certificate of membership to the Anna Wysocki Zivena Benefical Society. This certificate belonged to Anna Mirola. The certificate is written in both English and Slovak.

The front of a pamphlet about the Young Women's Christian Association.

employment office.jpg
A picture of young individuals looking for summer employment. These employment offices are common as teenagers apply for jobs and working papers. There were three other office locations in the city that offered employment certificates.

final working girl 2 .jpg
A photo of a young girl working in a hosiery mill, having to use a step-stool to reach her machine.

YPM Whiskey Alexander Younf Company.jpg
An ad for YPM whiskey, from the Alexander Young Co. Ltd. of Philadelphia PA. It lists the addresses of the company distillery and associated buildings on South St.

Mingchu Pearl Huynh at age 6

Young men being instructed by an older man. Wilkes Barre is known for being a coal mining region.

4 young men posing as gangsters, Keith Collection, Lib Co.  copy.jpg
Four young men posing as gangsters in front of brick row house

The view in an Immigrant townhouse in Germantown Philadelphia.

Young Dale Grewal sits between his parents and siblings during a family portrait while the family still lived in India.
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